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Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.


Kids Need Kiwanis - Kiwanis Needs You


Kiwanis International is a global organization of members of every age who are dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. 

The Wisconsin - Upper Michigan District was established in 1918.  Now over 90 years later, the Wisconsin - Upper Michigan remains active with 11 divisions and 165 clubs. 

Members in every corner of the district are committed to developing future generations of leaders through guidance and example.  They are ordinary people performing extraordinary work in your community every day.  From revitalizing neighborhoods to organizing youth sports programs, from tutoring to building playgrounds, Kiwanis willingly perform countless projects to help children.

For more information please contact:

Mark Finger
WI-UM Executive Director
920-361-9954 Office
866-484-4745 Fax
920-229-2571 Mobile
571 Center St., Berlin, WI 54923


Message from the Governor


Happy February Kiwanians!

It is now February, which means we are coming up on our halfway mark through the year in March. Last month I personally challenged you all to bring 2 new members into your club for the month. Has your club accomplished this? If not, what does your club have planned this month for recruitment? Recruitment is easy and it just starts with the "Ask". I was in Las Vegas in January to help open new Kiwanis Clubs and we were successfully able to open 3 clubs in 3 days, and it happened because we simply asked members of the community if they would consider joining Kiwanis. If your club is not comfortable going out and asking, I would love to come visit and let's do it together. I know that all of us can hit a target of a net increase of 2 members this year, so let's push forward!


Increase your club's membership with minimal effort. Retaining the majority of your members year after year not only strengthens your club’s “family” atmosphere but displays a sense of continuity to the people you invite as new members. Start working on your club's retention efforts now to avoid the September drop off later. Get helpful tips for creating a club culture that’s attractive to potential members. 


Did you have something exciting happen in your club? Did you have an awesome service project or fundraiser? Did you honor some of your members? Did you have a successful membership drive? Whatever great things are happening in your club, Tonya Alling would love to feature you in the Kiwanews. Please submit articles to Tonya at Don't forget to include pictures with your articles! Here are the deadlines for the Kiwanews:

February/March issue: February 15th
April/May issue: April 15th
June/July issue: June 15th
August/September issue: August 15th
October/November issue: October 15th
December/January issue: December 15th


Bev Burnap is our chair for the Kiwanis Children's Fund and she wants to visit your club. Do you know how your club can benefit from the Children's Fund? Do you know what the Children's Fund is? All you have to do is contact Bev Burnap and she would be more than happy to come visit your club with a pretty awesome presentation. Bev can be reached at



Do you have a passion for Action Club? Do you love working alongside our Aktion Club members? Charles Zarnoth is our Aktion Club Administrator and he needs help. Charles is looking for Kiwanians who are interested in serving on his committee. Aktion Club is the fastest growing branch of the Kiwanis Family and he needs your help in supporting our Aktion Clubs in WIUM. If you are interested, please reach out to Charles at


We have plenty of leadership opportunities available to all members of Kiwanis. Here are a few of them:

Every year at our District Convention we hold elections for Governor-Elect. This person moves on to be District Governor. As Governor-Elect you support the Governor in their role as an officer of Kiwanis International; you are responsible for the training of the incoming leaders; and you prepare for the transition into becoming the District Governor. Personally, my journey as Governor-Elect and now currently the Governor, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I never thought I could take on something like this, but honestly, it's been a blessing and the amount of support behind you is inspiring, so don't shy away from this if you think you can't do it! I would love to chat with you further if you have interest in this position. 

Lieutenant Governor:
Each year at our Midyear Conferences we elect new Lieutenant Governors for the following year. This year, Divisions 2 and 6 are up for election in West Bend, Divisions 3 and 4 are up for election in Wisconsin Dells and Division 10 is up for election in Iron Mountain. The Lieutenant Governor is the direct link between the District and the Club level. This position is very rewarding as you get to travel around your Division and see all of the amazing things happening in our Kiwanis Clubs. If you are interested in this position, I would love to chat with you as well.


This year's Club Coaching Session will take place at Camp Wawbeek on April 27th-28th. We are looking for individuals who would like to become certified as a Club Coach and we are looking for clubs who are looking for Club Coaching. Training for Club coaches begins at Noon on Friday April 27th and Club Coaching for Clubs begins at 9 am on Saturday April 28th. There is no cost to anyone for this. We believe strongly in the education and growth that results from this and encourage all who would like to participate. For Clubs that would like to participate, we do need to do a club membership assessment prior to the coaching session. If you are interested and need a place to stay on Fridaynight, we have arrangements with Camp for lodging. If you or your club are interested in this amazing opportunity, please contact Vice Formula Chair Anna Bruhn at

You are all incredible and this year has been amazing so far. Looking forward to even greater things to come!

Yours Through Service and Dedication,

Justin Hahn 
District Governor
Waterford Area Kiwanis
Wisconsin Upper Michigan
WUM Circle K Asst District Administrator
Key Leader Committee
Phone: 414-510-1609
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