Key Club District Publications

Key Club District Publication is called the "Key To Caring" and our District Committee Chair publication is called the "Take a Seat". Please find the most recent publication here:

Key Club District Website holds a great deal of information for our Club Officers, Members, and Advisors.  Please visit our site at:

Key Club Faculty and Kiwanis Advisors - Training opportunities for new advisors can be found on our Webshop site.  These are videos that can be accessed from the comfort of home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our webshop training videos will be updated during our November District Board Meeting so there will be new sessions added to the site by the end of November each year.

WIUM Key Club District Board

Meet the District Board - 2015-16

1. Board Directory & Contact List

2. List of Schools by Division




Download the poster for our next DCON in March 2016 (PDF)

New Board Training

New Board Training

Visiting KI during ICON June 2015

Visitiing HQ in Indy after ICON


Key Club DCON Flyer!