Builders Club Advisor Resources

For full detailed information on the Builders Club program go to the Kiwanis International website,

Start A Club -- Find detailed information and resources for starting a new Builders Club

Club Renewals -- The sponsoring Kiwanis Club Secretary must do the renewal online on the Secretary Dashboard. Make sure the Kiwanis Secretary has the Builders Club Faculty Advisor’s correct name and email address so your club gets registered correctly. The Kiwanis Secretary also needs the number of Builders Club member materials the club wants to receive to enter during the renewal process so that the club will get the desired amount of member materials in your renewal shipment. The Builders Club Kiwanis Advisor information is also updated by the Kiwanis Club Secretary on the Secretary Dashboard.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF -- funds collected by Builders Clubs will be donated to the Eliminate Project. Follow the link to get your boxes!

Annual Contest Guide Book -- Remember the contest entries should be sent to the District Administrator by April 1st. The Administrator will arrange for District-level judging to be completed in time to send the winners on to Kiwanis International by April 30th.

Builders Club District Committee

The Builders Club District Committee works with the District Administrator to accomplish the responsibilities of the Administrator as defined by Kiwanis International.

These responsibilities include:

  • Being an Ambassador: essentially the "face" of the Builders Club program in the district. Advocating for the program and representing the program at district events
  • Growing the program: supporting new clubs in the district through the club-building and chartering processes; promoting the program to potential host sites; connecting host sites to Kiwanis Clubs; develop effective member recruitment and retention strategies
  • Understanding of the Youth Protection Guidelines and how they relate to Builders Club programming
  • Providing club support at the advisor level: communicate in as many ways as necessary!

The Administrator is also responsible for:

  • Being the committee chair
  • Training committee members
  • Being the primary liaison to Kiwanis International staff.

Committee members should:

  • Be interested in learning more about Builders Club
  • Be willing to serve as Administrator if called upon
  • Not worry that they have to do every task themselves
  • Either live in or be able to reach deep into our district

If you can do one of these tasks, we need you:

  • Create and/or present workshops at conventions, conferences, or club meetings
  • Write a monthly newsletter
  • Write stuff for this page!
  • Talk to potential hosts about opening a Builders Club

My goal is to have at least 5 committee members, hopefully spread all over the district. One from each new division would be fantastic If you have a strength you'd like to lend, please contact me.

How to contact the District Administrator

Fay A Burmeister
646 Pease Road
Pardeeville, WI 53954