The Governor's Challenge

The Diamond Award

Diamond Awards will be given to, potentially two, clubs in each division that increase membership by either the largest percentage OR the largest number of new members.  These clubs will receive a visit by the Governor, Governor Elect or Immediate Past Governor to bestow the distirct's highest honor on you.  During the visit, we'll make sure you're achievement is photographed, written up, and submitted to local media outlets as well as the district-wide publications.

The WI-UM Membership Lottery

Once  the 2016-17 membership totals are finalized, each club in good standing will receive one ticket for each  "+" member added to the  club.  The winning ticket will be worth $1,000 to the club.  The club may add this money to either its administrative account or its service account.

The drawing will take place in October 2017 at some point during the district board meeting.

The Fine Print

  • In order to be eligible for these awards, the club must be in good standing (up-to-date in dues payments)
  • All membership numbers will be based on the number provided by Kiwanis International.
  • All roster updates (drops and adds) must be completed by the end of 2016-2017.
  • In order to be eligible for Diamond Award on percentages, the club must be at or above charter strength at the time the final membership total is taken.
  • The Lottery Cash Award may be deposited in either the administrative account OR the service account OR the club foundation.


Additional Resources

Kiwanis International Formula / Membership Key Resources List