Kiwanis International is a global organization of members of every age who are dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

The Wisconsin - Upper Michigan District was established in 1918.  Now over 90 years later, the Wisconsin - Upper Michigan remains active with 11 divisions and 165 clubs.

Members in every corner of the district are committed to developing future generations of leaders through guidance and example.  They are ordinary people performing extraordinary work in your community every day.  From revitalizing neighborhoods to organizing youth sports programs, from tutoring to building playgrounds, Kiwanis willingly perform countless projects to help children.

Message from the District Governor


Happy New Year!

Actually, I started hearing this message on September 30th. The new group of District Governors are pretty excited about transitioning from “elect” to “designate” to Official!

All over the world, Kiwanis leadership is starting the new year, all the way from clubs to KI itself.  It’s definitely a time full of possibilities!

This year, KI President Button is using the theme “The Way Ahead.”  I liked this theme, and so I think I’ll use it instead of creating one from scratch for our District.  That being said, I am certainly not above customizing it to us.

The icon that goes with this theme is one of an inukshuk.  Go ahead, click that link.  Inukshuks are pretty cool.  They can be a trail marker.  They are definitely built by a community for other members in their community.

And the reason why I like this symbol and this theme is this:  we are at a crossroad.  We need to spend some time regaining, polishing, and increasing our membership skills -- we need to build our own inukshuk.  That is what the Formula Initiative is really all about.  It reminds us to stop and check with the members of our clubs, are we on the right track?  Do we need to make a course adjustment?  Are our divisions heading in the direction we want them to be going?  If we choose wisely, we find that we really are in the place where we look at our clubs and say we do “Love It,” we can “Share It,” and it’s very hard not to “Live It.”

So, Happy New Year!  Let’s get started!


What if you could save a baby's life?

With The Eliminate Project, you can. Maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) kills one baby every nine minutes. But three doses of a 60-cent vaccine can protect mothers and babies. Kiwanis and UNICEF have joined forces to bring this vaccine to 38 countries, eliminating MNT from the face of the Earth. What can you do right now? Learn about MNT and advocate for the cause. Participate in our fundraisers. Over the next few years, the work we do will change the world. Find out more at www.TheEliminateProject.org.

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